Our Partners

Value Chain Partners

While our brands represent the value created for its customers, behind the scenes
our partners play an important strategic role in delivering that brand value and managing customer touch points.

Rather than taking a trans-active mindset we have chosen to collaborate with
established and trusted service providers and industry leading technology partners
who take a long-term relationship view of the business, have high levels of
accessibility and put the customer central to their business mission.

As our strategic Digital Marketing partner, Damteq is a team of dynamic and digital savvy marketers with an entrepreneurial mindset, dedicated to building our innovative brands, providing our customer with a smooth digital experience and combining various technologies from our business partners into an integrated whole.

Damteq take a fully integrated view where the customer journey touch points are clearly mapped out and is serviced by presenting the right information at the right time so that our customers not only see the value in our brands but also can make informed purchase decisions.

On Location Events are key to the creation of our multimedia marketing content. Their capabilities stretch from developing multimedia strategies all the way through to the final video and photo production. Kit Fanner and his team are able to provide rapid turn around on content creation and their structured and deligent approach
ensures high attention to detail and the development of high quality content.

Andrew Mays Design is an important contributor and support of both our digital and printed media content. Andrew Mays is able to generate materials on short notice and has a keen eye on how to communicate to audiences so that it is not only pleasing but ensures the intended message is clearly articulated.

We are delighted to work with Europa Worldwide to develop our brands and business. Europa offer us a fully integrated service from trans Europe freight, warehousing with in-house value-add services for product optimisation and setup, to final delivery to our customers.

With Europa distribution reach, we can serve the entire UK from their strategic warehouse locations in a highly flexible and efficient manner. With over 50 years of experience, Europa have well established operational practices and significant insight into supply chain efficiencies. Finally, their scale offers plenty of room for upside growth.

Ebeco is an important partner in our value chain. Located in the picturesque hills in Northern Slovakia, Ebeco is the ISO9001 certified manufacturer of the Foldy trailer. They offer the latest laser cutting, welding, galvanic treatment and final assembly for the Foldy trailer production.

Supporting their top-notch manufacturing capabilities is a team of highly-skilled mechanical engineers who are able to find innovative design solutions to the trickiest of technical challenges. Ebeco’s manufacturing capabilities go well beyond the Foldy trailer as they continue to invest in the latest capabilities and skills required by their
expanding portfolio of products.

We continue to work with Ebeco to grow our mutual capabilities and increase our business with them.

TheRatchetShop is our lead supplier of cargo restraints for the Foldy trailer business.

The team at TheRatchetShop have gone the extra mile to source custom restraints specifically designed for the Foldy business. Their high-quality product assortment area is an important ingredient to the Foldy trailer bundles and serving our customer needs.

Supporting Partners

While the above-mentioned partners play an important role in the value chain and
the customer experience, we also feel it is also important to mention our partners
who play a key role in supporting the administrating of our business.

Our relationship with Treasury Accounting started long before the inception of Dynovation. Treasury Accounting played a critical role in the early days to help set up the firm and get it off the ground. They continue to provide an important advisory and accounting function to us and represent Dynovation when it comes to financial and accounting matters. 

Their no nonsense approach and their attention to detail provides us with the reassurance that our house will be maintained in good order.  Furthermore, they are delightful to work with and provide high levels of availability on all questions big and small.

We choose to work with Worldpay as our merchant payment provider because of their outstanding customer payment service and high level of accessibility to resolve customer payment issues. 

Trust and timeliness are key to resolving technicalities surrounding customer payments and spotting fraudulent transactions. Worldpay’s performance in these areas are unmatched and they play a key role in helping our customers seamlessly transact with trust.

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