About Us

Company History

Dynovation, founded in November 2017, was initially created to launch the Foldy brand to market in the UK and with the ambition to grow a portfolio of innovative brands and develop new product market opportunities.

Dynovation consciously chose a networked organisational structure where it coordinates strategic partners to work as a fully integrated whole in order to serve customer needs and bring products to market. This structure provides enormous scope for future growth whilst allowing Dynovation to remain clearly focused on its core functions of attending to its customers and the development, branding and marketing of innovative products to serve their needs.

In the final weeks of completing his MBA, Stephan de Clercq, was inspired by a folding trailer product he and his team were evaluating as part of their entrepreneurship coursework. Being an engineer and having worked in product marketing, it became apparent that this product solves latent customer needs previously not addressed and offered a unique opportunity to develop further and market fully.

Leveraging his other experiences and knowledge in business consulting, operations
management and finance, confidence grew in the viability of this venture as the
business and financial plans were developed.


It is our business mission to solve latent customer needs through the delivery of innovative products that are dynamic and transformative. To that end, we will develop and market brands specifically positioned around serving those customer needs

Our Core Values

Put Our Customers First – We do not shy away from customer engagement but embrace it. Customers not only pay our bills, but they are fountains of knowledge and provide insight to serving their needs better. We therefore aim to make accessibility for our customers as easy as possible.

Focus on Simplicity – Innovation starts with the customer and we innovate to solve
customer needs in as simple manner as possible. Often this is more challenging than
loading a product up with all sorts of bells and whistles.

Help Customers Realise Value – Essential to creating unique customer value is that
customer can fully realize the benefits of the products we  provide to them. Therefore, we invest significant effort in educating our customers by providing them with top level
marketing, supporting documents and tutorials.

Strive for Operational Excellence – We strive to achieve operational excellence by using Lean Six Sigma as our guiding principle. Front and centre driving this, are our customer’s needs and we take the elimination of defects in all aspects of the business operations seriously. This will enable us as to not only serve our customer better but increase operational efficiency and flexibility whilst lowering long-run costs.

Being Environmentally Responsible – all human activities have an impact on the environment. Whilst we cannot fully eliminate materials such as single use plastics, we
aim for such a future and we shall systematically work to reduce the amount of nonrecycle materials used in our products and processes wherever possible. We will also work with our partner organizations and push them to embrace environmentally
conscious practices.

Our Founder

Gideon Stephan de Clercq is Founder and Managing Director of Dynovation Ltd. Stephan has an MBA from the University of Illinois, a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Cape Town and has completed work in operations management and high-tech marketing at the University of Twente. 

Stephan has lived and worked in the United States, the Netherlands and Belgium before setting up shop in the UK. Stephan’s broad experience includes consumer electronics, business consulting, biotech and property investments. 

He is process driven and a qualified Lean Six Sigma black belt and maintains a “right first time, every time” approach to his work. In his spare time, Stephan is an avid cyclist and enjoys the occasional scramble on the golf course.

Innovation Through Dynamic Transformation